Zara has a big Halloween collection with all-black jackets and skirts

Zara has a big Halloween collection with all-black jackets and skirts

ZARA — which owns Zara and Coach — has just released a massive collection of all-Black items in the months ahead, including a slew of jackets, skirts, and accessories.

The latest offering, the all-White, all-Baldy-Pixie collection, comes with a lot of high-end pieces that Zara hopes will appeal to everyone’s budget and comfort levels.

Check out the entire collection below, as well as the latest Black-themed apparel from Zara.

Black-themed accessoriesZara has teamed up with some big names like Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein & Co., Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, and more to create this collection of black-themed, black-and-white accessories, according to the brand.

The accessories range from earrings to hoodies and even an entire bag full of leather earrings.

The collection also includes earrings, gloves, and a belt.

Check it out in the video below.

Zara’s Black-inspired accessories are available now through select retailers, but the full collection is expected to launch this fall.

For more Zara, check out the brand’s full line up of accessories here.

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