Why you shouldn’t put on fur coats at the red coat pub

Why you shouldn’t put on fur coats at the red coat pub

The Red Coat Tavern in Fort Worth is a fixture of Fort Worth culture, with its iconic red coat and the long-running red bar.

It’s not uncommon to see people wearing red coats, which have been associated with the Fort Worth area, on the street, in bars and even in the kitchen.

But the red coats are no longer in vogue, according to a Fort Worth police report obtained by the Dallas Morning News.

The report says that a woman and her friend were stopped by Fort Worth officers on Aug. 17 after police responded to a complaint of someone urinating in a toilet.

A red coat, the police report states, was found in the car of one of the suspects.

The woman said that she had never worn a red coat before and did not know the reason behind the incident, according the report.

The red coat is no longer permitted in Fort Texas.

The Redcoat Tavern’s Facebook page is now no longer accepting new friends.

The Fort Worth Police Department said that the redcoat is “not a public accommodation” and does not require identification to enter the bar.

“We are sorry that we have been unable to bring this matter to our attention, but we are working to identify those responsible for this incident and bring them to justice,” a police statement read.

The pub has since closed.

But Fort Worth’s mayor, David Rivera, told ABC News that he does not believe that the bar should be shut down because of the incident.

“I believe the owners of this business are very well-meaning people who want to provide a fun, family atmosphere for their customers,” Rivera said.

The Red Coat is an iconic Fort Worth bar, and I think they are trying to do the right thing.”

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