Why are some cars getting painted on the side?

Why are some cars getting painted on the side?

An unusual phenomenon that has been affecting cars since the 1960s is a paint job that occurs on the sides of cars in the United States.

The paint is sprayed on to make it look like a coat of paint.

The practice has been on the rise, with some states seeing as many as 50 percent of all new vehicles now being painted in one way or another.

There are two primary ways to paint on the car.

One is the classic method, in which a paintbrush is used to dab the paint onto the car and then it is sprayed onto a surface, such as a side mirror, door sill or rear deck.

Another way is to spray paint on an existing surface, say, on the floor of a garage, or even on a bumper.

A third method is to coat the car with paint chips, which is the more traditional method.

But a few cars in recent years have been painted on top of the original surface.

In many cases, the paint was sprayed onto the front of the car rather than onto the side.

That is, some cars were painted on both the front and rear of the vehicle, with the painted area on top.

The paint is typically white, blue or black, depending on the type of vehicle.

It is often applied on the inside of the door or under the door fenders.

This is sometimes called a side coating.

Some cars that were painted over the sides had no visible paint chips.

Other cars had visible paint on them, but the paint had been painted over or sprayed onto an existing paint surface.

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