When your kids’ favourite colour gets you down

When your kids’ favourite colour gets you down

Posted July 29, 2019 15:20:33If you’ve been to a fancy cocktail party and it’s not your favourite colour, you’re not alone.

Family-friendly brands have been selling fancy shades to the kids for years.

The latest and perhaps most famous is the red trenchcoat from FAMOWood, which is now being sold in stores.

Family owned FAMOWootie has been offering kids their own unique look for a few years now, and they’re currently expanding their offerings with a new line of cute shades.

“The idea of the red colour is so much fun, and it goes with everything.

It’s like a sparkly colour that you can’t get enough of, it’s a sparkle that you want to have,” FAMOWookie product manager, Sarah McManus said.”

We have a huge range of different shades to choose from, so the kids will always have a choice.”

A range of colours in FAMOWodges a range of fun, wearable, everyday and creative optionsThe FAMOWotie red trenchcoats have been sold in a range for kids ranging from children’s clothes and accessories, to adult-wear.

“It’s so easy to pick up, you can find a colour that fits your kids or if you want something a little more casual, we have a range where kids can choose a different colour,” Ms McManuses said.

Famowood has launched a new range of colourful, easy-to-wear, easy to wear and creative shades to give the kids an easy and fun way to look their best.

“If they want a new look, they can choose from a range or a simple shade to get them started,” Ms MCManus explained.

“What we’re doing with FAMOWowie is trying to change the game for children and give them something that is fun and a little different.”

The FAMowood brand’s range of trendy colours includes the following:FAMOWood red trench coats for kids and adultsThe FAMOood red tights are for children aged between four and eight, with the red tassel being used in conjunction with other red and yellow tassels.

The FAMoood red shirt is suitable for girls, while the FAMOWoo blue jacket is a great choice for boys.

FAMOWoood children’s hats and hoodies are also available.

The red tuxedo has been used for children between four to eight years old and is available in a variety of different designs.FAMowood red trousers have been made for kids aged between eight and 10, while FAMOWoopie black trousers are for kids between four years old to five years old.

Famiowood Kids’ clothing is also available in sizes up to 12, and is sold in adult sizes from 12-14.

The new FAMOWots range is currently available at FAMOWoodle and FAMOWox stores.

FAMoood Kids is a family-owned and operated business with branches in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

A new FAMooodle branch is opening in Sydney’s south.

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