When it comes to wearing a leather trenchcoat, the price of being a good-looking guy is worth it

When it comes to wearing a leather trenchcoat, the price of being a good-looking guy is worth it

Hacker News user mikejoseph wrote in a comment on Hacker News: If you can get a decent leather trench with some good stitching, that’s a great investment.

The more the merrier, but if you have a good pair of pants, they’re just as good as a decent trenchcoat.

I love a good trenchcoat and I would never wear one with any other material.

I also don’t wear the jeans that go with it much anymore.

I think they’re pretty cute.

And I don’t have to worry about the seams getting in the way.

So, for me, the only real downside to wearing it is the expense.

I’m a good, good looking guy, and that’s what matters.

So if you want to look good, I think the leather trench is worth the money.

But, for other people, it’s not worth the investment. 

If you want a nice, simple trench coat with good stitching that’s not cheap, you can buy it on AliExpress or a similar online seller.

Here’s the full list of brands that sell trench coats. 

And here’s a look at some other popular brands. 

There’s also a whole bunch of other products that might be of interest to you: $20 trench coat made from a cow leather, $40 trench coat from a goat, $120 trench coat by a mule, $100 trench coat in a woolen vest, $90 trench coat and shirt from a wool sweater, $25 trench coat for a woman with a high-school diploma, $60 trench coat to give to your dad, $80 trench coat to make for your wedding, $150 trench coat or trench coat jacket for a friend, $10 trench coat gift for your dad or a friend.

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