Wall Coat Rack Is Dead: A New Way to Shop for Winter Shirts

Wall Coat Rack Is Dead: A New Way to Shop for Winter Shirts

The word “winter” comes up often in these types of ads, and that’s because winter coats are becoming so popular.

The industry is growing rapidly and it’s becoming a bit of a fashion trend.

The company that created this new type of coat rack is called Flannel Coat Rack, and it started out by making coat racks for men.

“We saw this trend that was coming, and we thought, ‘Hey, this is a really cool way to sell coats,’ and we wanted to create a new way to do that,” says Lauren Fussell, who runs the company with her husband, Mark Fussel.

Their first store opened in Seattle, Washington, and they expanded into other cities, including Portland, Oregon, and Atlanta, Georgia.

The brand is currently located in a mall in New York, but Fussels says they plan to expand in other cities in the future.

Fussell says the racks are a great way to show off a brand, but it’s also a way to offer shoppers a chance to get a better price.

“When people are looking at our racks, they’re thinking, ‘Wow, I really can get something for less than what I paid for it,’ ” she says.

“I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why it’s become such a popular product.”

Fussels is very specific about the types of coats she sells.

She says she uses a combination of fabrics and materials, and she’s always trying to make the best coat rack out of whatever the material is that they’re trying to sell.

“It’s not about the material,” she says, “it’s about the quality.”

The brand also offers custom coat racks that feature different patterns and colors for the people who shop for them.

For example, the racks can be made with white, yellow, or green.

“If I’m selling a black one, I want to have something that’s more colorful than my regular one,” she explains.

The racks come in two styles: standard and dressier.

“There’s a dressier one that I make for people that really want a little bit more flair, and there’s also an ordinary one that we sell,” she tells Yahoo Style.

For now, she’s offering only the standard coat rack in her store, but she’s considering adding more of the more traditional styles.

“That’s always something that I want people to see,” she said.

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