Trump administration moves to protect white collar workers

Trump administration moves to protect white collar workers

President Donald Trump on Thursday proposed a plan to protect some of his most powerful and loyal staffers from being fired from their jobs, but it’s unclear how much protection they will actually receive.

The White House said the proposal would provide for the hiring of up to 5,000 “special assistants” for the Cabinet secretaries and other top aides, with a “special assistant” being defined as someone who is already employed at the White House but is not a part of the White Senate staff.

Those assistants would also be given the ability to request reassignment and to seek reassignment on a case-by-case basis, the White house said.

But the Whitehouse did not specify who would be covered by the plan, and what they would do or how much it would cost.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the move is “designed to help our nation’s highest-ranking officials perform their jobs and the best interest of the American people.”

She also said Trump is “confident” the new policy will help reduce the “unfair” practice of firing staffers who don’t adhere to the president’s orders.

“These individuals have already proven themselves to be loyal, dedicated public servants,” Sanders said.

“It is important that our president is able to focus on the important work of governing.”

The policy proposal was released on the eve of a weekend rally in which Trump was expected to lay out a vision of a new administration, one that will revamp the federal government, reinstate Trump’s controversial travel ban and address the nation’s opioid crisis.

It also comes as Trump faces mounting criticism over his handling of the opioid crisis and the possibility of impeachment.

Sanders and the WhiteHouse said Trump wants to “work closely with the Congress to implement these executive actions.”

“The administration has been working closely with Congress and will continue to provide input as we move forward,” the WhiteScoop statement said.

The president has repeatedly said he is not interested in having people like himself be fired.

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