Nike and L’Oreal unveil ‘synthetic hair’ line, including ‘sassy’ look

Nike and L’Oreal unveil ‘synthetic hair’ line, including ‘sassy’ look

Nike and Paris-based L’Oréal are teaming up to create a line of hair products that are made of synthetic fibers.

The “synthetics” line is the first of several new offerings to come out of the collaboration between the two companies.

L’Occitane is debuting a line featuring a “sassy” hairstyle, while Nike’s “syndecks” line includes a “lady” hairstylist.

The new line will be available in the United States and Canada in the spring.

L.A.-based L.R. Bean and Paris’ OPI are also releasing their own lines.

The L’oreal line includes the “sophisticated” look, while the OPI is launching the “modern chic” line.


Oreal’s “Sassy” line, which debuted in June, features a “feminine” style and a “modern feminine” look.


Oreal and Nike are working together to create the new line of products, according to a statement from the two.

The statement says the two brands are collaborating to bring the “synergistic” concept to a new era of hair care.

The announcement comes after Nike launched its first-ever “synergy” line in June.

The line included a “dynamic” look that included “lion’s mane,” “gothic” textures and “luxurious” looks.

Nike, L.O. Real and OPI said they are working on more “sensual” hair products.

“We want to create an environment where everyone can be the best version of themselves, and we are committed to creating a range of products that reflect this,” said Michael Pecorelli, CEO of L.P. Brands, the two company’s global head of marketing.

Lola LaRue, L’ORA’s creative director, said she hopes to use the new lines to encourage people to be “the best version” of themselves.

“When you create a collaboration with someone like L’OAreal, it allows you to create something that is really fun for all of us,” LaRuer said.

“You can feel like it’s all about the human.

It is an amazing collaboration.”

The “sissy” hairstyles were inspired by L’Auberge de la L’Homme, a French couture designer who created the couture-inspired hair style that has been worn by women of all generations.

“L’Oblivion” is the second of four collaborations between L.L.

Bean and L.

Oréals that are set to launch later this year.

The brands will also release their “symbiotic” haircuts in the U.K. in the summer.

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