How to get the perfect fur coat: the real-life advice

How to get the perfect fur coat: the real-life advice

In the real world, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re wearing the wrong kind of fur coat.

But with a little practice, we’ve discovered the best ways to get your coat to look its best.

Here are the best tips for getting a coat that fits your personality.


Don’t wear it all the time The first thing you need to do is figure out what you’re going to wear most.

If you’re a guy, go for a casual, sporty look.

If not, opt for something with a more classic look.

For example, a sports coat will look great with jeans or a sport coat.

For guys, opt instead for a lightweight look.


Wear it around the house The best coat for you is going to have a collar, and you’re not going to want to wear it with a tie or scarf.

You’ll want a more casual, laid-back look.

This means that instead of a button-down, go with a coat with a collar.

It will look a lot more professional, but you’ll also be able to show off a more feminine touch.


Wear the same coat for work When it comes to casual wear, there are two things you want to look for: one with the collar and one without.

If your job requires you to wear a formal outfit, you want a collar coat.

It’ll make you look more professional and will help you stay organized.

If the task at hand is less formal, like picking up groceries or picking up kids from school, you might want to go with the formal look.


Wear a different coat at different times Of course, if you’re like me and you like to wear your coat every day, you’re probably going to start wearing it with your coat on at the office.

This is great for both work and casual wear.

But don’t go crazy with it.

Keep it simple and use it to complement other pieces in your wardrobe.


Don,t be shy about wearing it over your shirt A casual coat doesn’t need to be as formal as a formal coat.

Just wear it over an everyday t-shirt, which will give you the option of displaying a variety of different layers.


Find a pattern You can use a simple, yet creative pattern to create a collar or a jacket.

For instance, a coat may be a simple white or a red one.

Use this as a starting point and use a pattern you like.

For the most part, this pattern can be found on a t-shirts, jackets, and shirts.


Make it yours The best way to keep your coat looking its best is to go for it with some love.

You can’t do this if you don’t care about it.

Try using a pattern that matches your coat or a coat from a friend.

Just remember that it’ll look really great, too.


Choose the right colors for your coat If you love a coat, go ahead and get yourself some.

You may be surprised at how many coats you can get.

And if you just like the look of a solid-colored coat, then go ahead, buy a solid one.

However, be aware that you’ll be spending more money than you’re saving on the coat if you decide to go the solid-color route.


Choose a coat for your style Most coats are designed to be worn with jeans, so there’s no point in buying a pair of sneakers or flip flops.

However; if you want something a little more tailored, go in with a black coat.

Or, go a step further and buy a black jacket.

This will give the coat a nice vintage-inspired feel.


Try the latest trends When it’s time to pick up the latest coat trend, you should look for something that’s made from high-quality materials and has a premium feel.

For women, opt into a style that appeals to a more conservative style.

For men, try a more contemporary look.

And for women, go as minimal as possible.


Don your fur coat with confidence The best time to wear fur coats is when it’s warm and sunny.

For this reason, make sure you wear a hat and gloves.

If it’s chilly out, try wearing gloves.

Make sure you can wear it without a coat.

And make sure it’s comfortable.


Don the right coat at the right time The right coat will help keep you warm in a cold climate.

The right way to wear the coat will also help you maintain your appearance throughout the day.

For some tips on wearing the right fur coat for different seasons, check out our tips for choosing the right jacket for summer, fall, and winter.

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