How the ‘NFLPA’ helped make NFL players pay for college

How the ‘NFLPA’ helped make NFL players pay for college

The NFLPA helped make players pay the bills for college by offering them discounts on the purchase of uniforms and other gear, according to documents obtained by Pro Football Talk.

The documents, obtained by, were made public by the union this week as it prepared to hold a news conference on the issue of labor rights at the NFL’s annual spring meetings.

“The NFLPA was the lead partner with the NFL in the development of this program, which became known as the NFLPA Premium Program,” according to a statement provided to NFL.

“The NFL paid for a portion of this premium program, and in exchange, the players were guaranteed a discount on the purchases of their team’s merchandise and gear.”

Players were given a list of items to purchase at a discounted rate.

The program began in late 2016.

It included discounts for players’ home jerseys, jackets and pants, and a variety of other items.

The union was the sole purchaser of the premium program until January 2017, when it announced that it was ending the program.

The NFL has not revealed how much it paid for the program, or when it ended it.

In the weeks leading up to the NFLPPA announcement, the union was also working with a number of companies to offer discounts to players.

The NFL was one of the first major sports leagues to adopt the Premium Program.

The league offered discounts on tickets to games and on merchandise at every level of the game.

The agreement between the NFL and the union, known as a memorandum of understanding, required players to agree to pay a certain percentage of the purchase price of merchandise purchased by the NFL to the union.

The agreement was in the form of a 10-year deal.

The $25,000 premium program was a response to players’ frustrations with the team’s apparel and apparel sponsorships.

The unions contracts with the brands were limited to $25 million annually, and the NFL was the only NFL team to have any type of exclusive apparel deals with companies other than the NFL.

The players were also offered discounts when they bought uniforms, shoes and other apparel, with the agreement stating that they would receive discounts on those items if they purchased at least $100 worth of merchandise.

Players also received free tickets to the Pro Bowl and other events.

The discounts were not contingent on the amount of merchandise the players purchased.

The programs were in place from March 2015 to February 2017.

Players received discounts for wearing team apparel, but not for buying jerseys or jackets.

The premium program only offered discounts for those purchases made through the NFL Players Association.

The team that was paying the premium rate was the San Francisco 49ers.

In the past, the team had offered discounts to its players if they made purchases of merchandise that they were not obligated to pay.

The contract between the union and the 49ers was reached in late December 2017, after the 49er team reached an agreement with the Players Association to end the premium fee program.

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