France: ‘We’re still a long way from a political solution’

France: ‘We’re still a long way from a political solution’

A year ago, the French president said France was on the brink of a political crisis.

The situation was so bad, the government even offered to buy back the country’s debt.

The public had become so frustrated with the current political environment that there was even a call for the country to form a new political party.

It was then that the French government’s “anti-corruption” crusade began.

It aimed to reduce the amount of money flowing into the country from foreigners.

At the time, many people thought the idea of a “socialist” party was ridiculous.

But now, more than a year later, it seems to have caught on.

France’s populist movement is making headlines again, as it has again called for a return to constitutional monarchy.

And it is a political opportunity that France has missed for some time.

“What we’re seeing in France today is a new level of nationalism,” said Guillaume Toussaint, an expert on French politics at the London School of Economics.

“There is a feeling of a return of the past.”

The current president, Emmanuel Macron, has been on a charm offensive to build his popularity among French voters.

But it is unclear how his administration will actually implement the reforms it has promised.

Macron, who took office in April, has repeatedly vowed to reform the countrys constitution and make it more democratic.

The constitution, which was written in 1954, is the basis of France’s political system.

In its current form, it allows for the prime minister to be replaced by the head of state.

It has also been criticised for being a barrier to political and economic reform, which is what the current government is trying to do.

“Macron wants to move France to a more democratic political system, but that’s going to require some reforms,” Tousesaint told Al Jazeera.

“It will be difficult to do that in the short term without a new constitution.

And there are other constitutional problems, such as a division of powers.”

France is the second-largest economy in the world.

But according to Tousseaux, the current system has been an impediment to economic growth, as France has a smaller population than its neighbours.

Toussemours opinion is not shared by many of his peers in the political class.

“I am in favor of a reform of the constitution.

But I don’t think Macron is serious about it,” Tousseaux said.

“The current political system is not working, and it’s not working well for the future.”

The next political battle?

The current political battle in France is over who will lead the country out of its current crisis.

A new coalition led by Macron’s Socialist party, led by the former leader of the opposition, will need to win the support of the ruling Socialist party and a majority of MPs to pass its proposals.

“People don’t want a return [of the monarchy],” Tousses said.

This would be difficult, given the current crisis of confidence in the institutions of democracy, he added.

“But we have to face this, because the republicans have the majority in the House of Representatives.”

Macron has previously promised to change the constitution to allow him to form new parties.

However, he has also called for reforms that would make it easier for his party to form, as long as the existing parties were not “politically independent”.

However, Toussenas party has also said it will not form a coalition with any of the existing political parties.

“We have a lot of support from people who support the change,” he said.

In any case, Macron has said he will not try to form another party and will be open to any proposals from the right.

“If the left and the right agree on anything, we will support it,” he told French radio station TF1 last week.

“So, if there is a good agreement between the two, we are ready to change things.”

Tousssants party, however, is not one to wait for the new government to form.

It wants to form the new party itself, and has called for the formation of a new party committee.

However this will be harder.

Toussees party has made the call for a new coalition between Macron’s Liberals and Socialists, with the latter supporting Macron in order to form his new party.

“In the next three to four months, the Liberal-Socialist coalition is the best chance we have,” Trousssant said.

That means, if the Liberals are able to form their own coalition, then they will have a strong chance to win power.

The next election will take place in 2022.

If Macron does not win an outright majority, then the Socialist-Liberal party will have the most seats in parliament, and the new coalition will need at least five MPs in order for it to pass a new parliament.

If the Liberals win an absolute majority, they would then have a chance of forming a new government with the new opposition.

In order for Macron to

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