Crypto-currency exchange, Mink Coat, to start trading in South Korea

Crypto-currency exchange, Mink Coat, to start trading in South Korea

Mink coat plant plant in Seoul, South Korea.

article The first of its kind cryptocurrency exchange in the world will open in Seoul on Friday, May 16.

The company, which has an account at CryptoCoins, will offer trading and trading in cryptocurrency, according to its website.

The exchange will be available in the Korean market and will be staffed by Koreans.

Mink has been a Bitcoin trading platform in South Korean since 2017.

It offers a trading platform for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

It also provides a Bitcoin wallet and offers a Bitcoin exchange, among other services.

The cryptocurrency exchange will have a total of 40,000 users, said Mink’s managing director, Joseph Chung.

“The trading of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will be free and there will be no commissions,” he said.

The operator of Mink will not be able to process any bitcoin trades in South Koreas exchange rate.

The Korea Bitcoin Exchange Act (KBOE) is aimed at making cryptocurrency exchange platforms transparent, transparently and efficiently.

It will also have a cryptocurrency market-making platform, Chung said.

The KBOE requires that cryptocurrency exchanges set up and operate in a manner that will ensure safety of investors, Chung added.

The KBOe is a statutory investment scheme in South Koreans.

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