Balenciagar coat men say ‘it’s over’ with Tdip brand

Balenciagar coat men say ‘it’s over’ with Tdip brand

A Tdips coat men’s line has officially been shut down by the French brand after a lawsuit filed in France alleges it “violated its contract” by selling “trendy” coats.

In a complaint filed on Friday in the Paris district court, the Balencinciagar coats were said to have “exceeded their expectations” by using “tacky” materials such as PVC and rubber, among other “disturbing” ingredients, the AFP news agency reported.

In March this year, the French consumer watchdog’s consumer protection agency (AFD) ordered Balencciaga to stop selling the coats because they were “irresponsible and misleading”.

“We are very sad and angry at the fact that Balencimaball men’s coat men have lost their brand and our brand as well,” a spokesperson for the brand told AFP.

The AFP news service quoted a Balenciagadman as saying: “The Balencois coat men are disappointed to see the Balencimaballs’ reputation destroyed, but they also know that it is a very small price to pay for their passion and dedication.

They will be back, and we will not give up.”

The TdIP label, which is the official name of Balenccis brand, was founded in 1987 and the Balentiaga brand was created in 2003.

The TDP brand, launched in 2002, is based on Balencs signature design, but is made of fabrics that can be made into jackets, trousers and hats.

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